Looking to integrate your MyQ Chamberlain garage door open into Home Assistant? If so, this step by step guide is perfect for you. It’s incredibly easy to set up and takes less than 5 minutes.

This method doesn’t require a monthly subscription or anything either. If you can access home assistant remotely (either through Naba Casa or DuckDNS), then you won’t need to pay for a MyQ subscription to simply open/close/view door status from the app.

After setting this up, you can follow my Create Garage Door Status Notifications guide to create an automation that will let you know if it opened/close/is opening/is closing. Pretty handy when triggering the operation remotely.


Before continuing, you should already have your MyQ device paired to your garage door opener and connected to your wifi. Your home assistant environment should also be setup.

For this guide, I am using a:

Step 1: Add MyQ Integration to Home Assistant

First, log into your home assistant web interface. ( i.e –

Click the Configuration tab. Then, click + Add Integration button and search for MyQ. Enter your MyQ login credentials once prompted to.

Step 2: Add Garage Door Gateway and Garage Door to Home Assistant

As long as your MyQ Chamberlain credentials were entered correctly, you should see a “success” message like you see below.

The naming convention of your cards is determined by whatever you named it in the mylifemaster.com website.

How to Control MyQ from Home Assistant Dashboard

To open or close your garage door, simply press the UP or DOWN arrows. The icon will then change from an open garage door to a closed one.

This allows you control your garage door from the Hassio Lovelace UI. No more needing to open up a separate app just to check the status! Speaking of status, you might also notice that the color changes depending on whether it is open or closed. You can change this behavior in the card settings

Unlike the SmartThings MyQ integration, you do not need to have a separate sensor attached to the garage door. Everything you need for this is included in the box.

Closed MyQ Garage Door in Home Assistant

Open MyQ Garage Door in Home Assistant

Wrapping Up

That’s it! You can now view the status of your garage door open from home assistant. I’ve had mine setup for quite a few months now, and in my opinion there is no need to pay for a MyQ or IFTTT subscription. A garage door does one thing and does it well, so I don’t really see any advantage to paying a monthly fee.

I will say that the MyQ integration is somewhat flaky. Others report the same thing. This has to do with MyQ changing the API calls regularly, so don’t be too disappointed if it doesn’t work for you right away.

Anyway, here’s some neat garage door automations you could create:

  • Close garage door at 8pm everyday
  • Open garage door once I arrive home (using phone presence sensor)
  • Send notification if garage was left open after a certain time
  • Close garage if it starts raining
  • Automatically open garage at 7pm on trash day and send me a notification reminder to “take out the trash”.

Let me know how you use home assistant with MyQ! You can also voice control your garage door using Alexa or Google Assistant if you’ve added those integrations to home assistant.

My Favorite Home Assistant Devices

Below are some of the Home Assistant-compatible devices I personally use in my home. I highly recommend each of them.

The full list of all Home Assistant compatible & recommended devices I use can be found on my Equipment List page.

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  1. Hey there, are you having any issues with disconnects given the current issues with MyQ? I’m constantly getting disconnects.

    1. Hey Justin – I have never ran into issues with this integration (used multiple times a day over the last 9 months) I do see “Disconnected” messages in the Logbook occasionally, but it has never once prevented me from opening or closing the garage door. Just to be on the safe side, I created an automation that alerted me of the door status (open, opening, closed, and closing) just so I am 100% sure it always worked correctly: https://smarthomepursuits.com/create-garage-door-status-notifications-in-home-assistant/

  2. Hi… do I need the add on device? When I try to add the integration it won’t take my email/pass for the account…


    1. Brian Andrus says:

      Because myq changed things, (myliftmaster.com is now app-only).
      I had to go into the app, set the security to require email/password each time, then tell it I forgot my password. That emailed me so I could create a password, and then I used that in the integration (whew!)
      Don’t forget to change your app back to not require the login every time too.

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