If you’re looking for a simple one-line Powershell script to open a webpage (or multiple webpages), then this tutorial will work perfectly for you.

I use this script to open several URL’s during our new hire deployment in a brand new Chrome browser window. For example, when a new employee starts, we typically have to create several accounts for the user – Duo 2FA, Screenconnect for remote access, KnowBe4 for end user training, etc. Instead of having to manually go to each URL, this script will automatically open all of the required URL’s our IT staff need to go to.

Not only does this “remind” the IT employee to create each account, it also opens it a new browser instead of just adding new tabs which could easily get lost in your sea of already open tabs.

Open Multiple URL’s in Chrome Powershell Script

Simply copy and paste this code into a new .ps1 file and change out the URL’s to fit your environment.

The last line of code will close the interactive Powershell window so it doesn’t stay open after the script completes.

Start-Process -FilePath Chrome -ArgumentList '--new-window https://admin.duosecurity.com https://training.knowbe4.com https://screenconnect.com https://snipe-it.io https://office.com'

Wrapping Up

Hopefully this simple script helps you launch a webpage from Powershell.

This post is a part of my Automating New Hires With Powershell series, where I create a bunch of helpful Powershell scripts to simplify the user onboarding process.

The end goal is to place all of these scripts into a simple GUI for your other IT members to quickly launch.

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