With so many different smarthome brands, finding compatible with Samsung SmartThings hubs ones aren’t always easy. Some reviews can’t be trusted or have outdated info. That’s why a lot of you turn to Google to find the answers. Some products worked with SmartThings at one point, but later on down the road it no longer functions. That is definitely the case with the brand Wemo.

Does Wemo work with SmartThings? No, Wemo does not work with SmartThings anymore. However, you can still use IFTTT to automate some basic tasks, such as turning on or off a plug.

When it doubt, always check for the “Works with SmartThings” label on the packaging or product description.

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03/09/2024 07:15 pm GMT

Some Reviews Say It Works

Some reviewers mention that Wemo does it fact work with SmartThings. Keep in mind that I’m writing this review in June 2020.

After researching this question in the SmartThings community, Reddit, and the Wemo forums, it appears that a Wemo firmware update was pushed out in September 2019 that broke the SmartThings integration. This is unfortunate because Wemo has been a community favorite over the past few years.

If you read any posts that say it does work – they probably haven’t updated their firmware yet. Several others in the Wemo community also report that the Wemo/SmartThings integration is now broken.

What IS Wemo Compatible With?

Belkin Wemo devices are compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Home Kit. Wemo products doesn’t require any additional hubs, either. Simply download the free app, plug in the smart plug, and connect it to your home wifi. This allows you control the lights, set light schedules, or manage timers from anywhere in the world.

One the best features of the Wemo smartplug is that they are stackable (Something I would LOVE for the Peanut plugs I use to have!) This means you can purchase two plugs and plug both into an outlet at the same time.

There is also a handy on/off button on the plug itself for quick access.

Wemo SmartThings IFTTT Available Recipes

Like I said earlier, Wemo is not compatible with SmartThings anymore. Even though Wemo doesn’t work directly with SmartThings anymore (we’re still holding out hope that someday the functionality will return), you can use IFTTT to achieve some level of automation.

If you haven’t used IFTTT yet, it’s an incredibly powerful free service that allows you to automate just about anything – even devices that normally wouldn’t be compatible.

Some of the recipes others have created are:

  • Turn on Wemo Switch from SmartThings Motion
  • Turn on Wemo switch when presense is detected
  • Turn on lights when phone arrives home
  • Presense undetected turn off switch

I haven’t personally used these recipes, but it appears that hundreds of others have so I assume they are still working.

Wemo Alternatives

Because Wemo doesn’t work with SmartThings directly anymore, we thought we should recommend some alternatives.

I’ve had really good luck with Securifi Peanut smart plugs and Innovelli in-wall switches. I’ve not had a single issue with either of these over the last 2 years. I have 9 Peanut plugs throughout my house, and even one in my back patio to control the patio lights.

As for Innovelli, I have two and these also work great. One of my favorite SmartThings automations involves the Innovelli garage switch and a SmartThings motion sensor. Whenever motion is detected in the garage, the lights turn on. It’s simple, but it’s great for us because we have two small kids who can’t reach the light switch to play in the garage or grab a juice box from the fridge.

These alternatives both work directly with SmartThings and connect over Zigbee wireless instead of wifi, so you won’t need to worry about any wifi interference. In my experience zigbee devices also respond quicker than wifi devices.

Here’s our recommended alternatives:

Final Thoughts

If you need a couple of cheap smart plugs and don’t necessary need to integrate them into SmartThings, Wemo smartplugs work great. They are reliable, stackable, and are aesthetically pleasing which is important when you are outfitting your smarthome with new devices.

If you already own Wemo smartplugs and lost some functionality due to the firmware update, you have the option to use IFTTT. But if you’re googling Does Wemo Work with SmartThings in 2021, then you should know that it doesn’t work anymore and you should look into alternative plugs that ARE compatible, such as the Peanut plug.

If you are a SmartThings hub user, then my recommendation is to not buy a Wemo wifi plug in 2021. It’s always best to try and keep all of your devices in the same ecosystem so you only have to open 1 app to manage everything.

My Favorite SmartThings Devices

Below are some of the SmartThings-compatible devices I’ve personally used in my home.

The full list of all zwave & ZigBee devices I use can be found on my Equipment List page.

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  1. I already have wemo devices connected to smartthings, using the old app. I just tried to connect another device, and it didnt work, at least I thought it didnt. I did not see it through the phone app, but logging in through the web interface, and clicking on My Devices, I did see it. I noticed it joined to some room that wasn’t part of my hub. I edited the device through the web interface, chose a room from my hub, saved, and then the new device showed up in the phone app. Maybe this assignemnt of the device to some room that is not on the hub is the reason it appears like it is not working. Try looking for the device in the My Devices. Of Course, you first have to add the Wemo Device to the Wemo app on your phone before adding it to smartthings hub. Then go through the add process on smartthings, it may time out. Then go through the web interface of smartthings and see if your device is there. Worked for me.

  2. I had a same scenario as Greg but I was not successful at installing the new WEMO WiFi Smart Plugs. I was however able to add the older and more rectangular MEMO Mini Smart Plug without an issue. There seems to be an issue will the newer WEMO equipment.

    1. Appreciate the comment! I’ve long since moved away from SmartThings to Home Assistant, but I’m sure other readers will appreciate the extra info you provided.

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