Whether you like it or not, just about every device that can be turned smart, will turn smart.

Smart candles allow you to remotely control your candles from any room in your house. You might not have heard of smart candles before, but they are starting to rise in popularity especially as the demand for new smart home tech rises.

After all, entire companies are dedicated to selling only candles, so it was inevitable that smart candle would pop up eventually. Whether you’re looking for the best flameless smart candle or the best wifi controlled candle, there are a lot to choose from.

So, what are the best smart candles on the market today?

What is a Smart Candle?

A Smart candle is a candle that be controlled remotely. Depending on the model, smart candles can either be bluetooth compatible, wifi powered, or come with a remote control. That means you can control all the candles in your house from a simple.

Most smart candles are flameless, which means they are battery powered and simulate candle flickers. Although, one company Lu Dela, has an entire product line of remote-controlled real flame candles!

Some smart candles even support “blowing out the candles”. You can actually blow on a flameless smart candle and the lights will turn off!

In a Hurry? Here’s our highest rate smart candle..

1. PLAYBULB Smart LED Bluetooth Candle

Amazon product

The Playbulb smart candle is one of our favorite smart candles. They are white in color and will match just about anyone’s existing decor. They support scheduling and timers, and can be turned on or off automatically. To turn the candles on or off, you can either open the mobile app or you can walk up and blow the candle light out. These candles are bluetooth powered, meaning you can turn them off within a range of ~30 feet.

Want to change the color? That’s simple too – simply open the app and shake your phone to change the LED colors. You can either have it run in candle mode where the flame flicker or have it stay a constant color.

This kit comes with 3 LED bulbs, each requiring three AA batteries to power. One of my favorite features of the Playbulb Smart LED candle is that each candle be paired individually rather than pairing all three as one group. This means each candle can have different lights or be set it different areas of the house.

And if you’re in the mood for real candle light (or maybe your batteries died), simply flip these over. These have a slot for tealight candles. We recommend using rechargeable batteries with these because the battery life isn’t all that great.

What We Like:

  • Support “blowing out the candles”
  • Can be turned upside to allow for real tea candles
  • Shake to change color
  • Built-in refillable scent circles
  • 90-day return policy, great customer support

What We Don’t Like:

  • Can’t be controlled by Alexa or Google Home
  • Drains batteries in 1 month
  • Semi fragile

2. YEELIGHT Candela LED Smart Candle Lamp

Yeelight Candela, Rechargable Smart LED Ambiance Romantic Candle Light, Bluetooth App Control Rotate Control,1800K Yellow Light Diammable, Night Light Bedside Lamp
  • Stylish Design: YEELIGHT smart lamp was designed by the design team day and night for four months, and finally realized the integration of lighting, aesthetics and technology. The slim, smooth...
  • Just Give It a Turn: With BLE mesh technology,the bedroom lamps can communicate with each other via YEELIGHT App,allowing you to simultaneously control up to 30,000 lamps at once.Adjust all of...
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Yeelight is one the “smartest” smart candles on the market today. Their candles can be paired using Alexa and Google using bluetooth mesh technology.

They emit a candlelight-like color to make them look and feel like a real candle. To adjust the brightness, just rotate the top cover. You can even group up to 30,000 Yeelight smart candles together to really put on a show. Definitely overkill for your smarthome, but I imagine this would be useful for things like weddings or concerts.

Not many smart candles can actually be configured into your existing smart home ecosystems, so these candles would be great for just about anything. Place them in your kids Halloween pumpkin, on your back patio, the mantle, or even use them as a nightstand lamp.

This one doesn’t have the greatest battery life either, but at least you can plug it in to a USB outlet as well as use rechargeable batteries.

Things We Like:

  • Works with Google Home and Amazon Alexa
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Smart mood lighting
  • Connect devices through Bluetooth or smart home speaker using BLE Mesh technology
  • Intuitive, mobile app
  • Ability to pair individually or as groups

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Not weatherproof
  • Poor battery life
  • Expensive price

3. PLAYBULB Smart Candle Pro LED Flameless

This PLAYBULB PRO candle is has many of the same features as our highest rated smart candle, the PLAYBULB LED Smart candle (in the #1 spot above.) This newly designed model, the Candle Pro, was designed to look and feel more like a kerosene lamp and is looks great anywhere you’d place it around the house.

The PLAYBULB Candle Pro is flameless and bluetooth controlled. The app allows you to adjust the brightness, change the flame colors, or brighten or dim the glow. There are 5 different lighting effects available, such as flickering or solid. Within the app, you can set a few default colors allowing you to tap each candle to change the color. Just like the original, you can flip it over and light tealight candles.

The colors are vibrant but can be dimmed, which makes this model great for use as a kids nightlight. Once your kids fall asleep, you can turn it off remotely using bluetooth technology.

This is also one of the only flameless candles on Amazon that can be plugged in via a micro USB connection or using 3 AA batteries. According to Mipow, using rechargeable batteries, this candle can last for up to 8 hours of constant use. The Amazon reviews are a bit misleading, but if you need more info about the product itself we recommend checking out the Mipow Playbulb Candle Pro listing directly on their website. There are a lot more photos on their site as well.

Things We Like:

  • Ability to control over bluetooth and mobile app
  • 16 million color combinations!
  • Shake to change color
  • Supports blowing out the candles to turn them off

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Mobile app hasn’t been updated recently
  • Weak scent
  • Some people report that “blowing out the candles” feature works intermittently

Why Do You Need a Smart Candle?

Picture this.

You’ve just ran a romantic bath for your significant other. The kids are sleeping, the champagne has been opened, and ambient music is streaming in the background. You are ready to relax after a long day at work. You climb into the bathtub only to realize one thing – you forgot to light the candles! Your only option is to either climb back out to find a lighter or simply skip the candles altogether.

Has this scenario ever happened to you? Probably not…(because it happened to me).

The point is, there is definitely times where turning candles on or off remotely would come in handy. At first, a smart candle may seem like a gimmick but the more I thought about it, the possibilities for smart candles are endless.

Smart Candles Ideas: Top 3 Ideas!

Still not sure if a smart candle is right for you? I’ve compiled 3 simple ideas where smart candles might come in handy around the house.

Valentine’s Day

If you’re planning a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, why not jazz things up with a few smart candles this year? Just as they sit down at the table for your home cooked meal, you can instantly turn on candles all around them.


If you really want to scare trick-or-treaters, you can remotely turn your candles on or off. Some smart candles have coloring changing LED lights which means you can add hues or orange or purple to your Halloween parties.

Events or Parties

Show off your smart candles the next time you host a party or family gathering! Entertain the kids, let them push the buttons, or even let them “blow out the candles”.

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